Alina Smirnova

Alina Smirnova, NYU/Tisch

Alina left St. Petersburg, Russia and set sail for Brooklyn in 1992 to build a new life filled with relentless creative exploration and hard work.

She studied video art at Cornell University, made large scale oil paintings in Rome and learned filmmaking in Prague. She finally settled on production and set design as her final destination and a very enjoyable enterprise. She is fascinated by and likes to eat tropical fruit.

Recent theater includes The Dwarf; Footfalls and Rockaby, dir. JoAnne Akalaitis (NYU-Tisch), The Humans Are in Trouble dir. Jack Fletcher (NYU-Tisch) recent films include Former Things dir. Adam Brown, The Park, dir. Brooke Goldfinch, and Wax, dir. Darya Zhuk.

Alina Smirnova Alina Smirnova Alina Smirnova Alina Smirnova