Angelica Torres

Angelica Torres, CalArts

Angelica Torres is from Bogota, Colombia. She is a set and costume designer for live performance and film, with a strong foundation in architecture and an affinity for dynamic spaces. Having lived in Colombia, Italy, Argentina and the US, have expanded her creative energy and added dimension to her work.

As a theater artist, she has worked with Kameron Steele, a longtime collaborator with Tadashi Suzuki’s SCOT company, to develop The Three Penny Opera, and with iconic actress and director Fran Bennett in her CalArts production of Bent. Angelica was recently selected to participate in the Walt Disney Imagineering CalArts Educational Initiative to develop a new themed entertainment project.

Prior to her graduate studies, Angelica assisted in the architectural development of retail, residential and office spaces in Miami, Bogota and Santiago de Chile.

Angelica Torres Angelica TorresAngelica TorresAngelica Torres