Xi Chen

Xi Chen, CalArts

Xi Chen has spent over 8 years studying Scenic Design. She holds an MFA degree from California Institute of The Arts where she double majored in Scenic Design & Integrated Media.

Xi Chen comes from China. She received her BFA degree in Scene Design from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. She has a strong background in Chinese traditional culture and arts. She is a professional designer of performance, and themed entertainment.

In China, she had professional experience working as Scene Design Assistant, Scene Designer, or Scenery Producer for various places, including: Feng-Shang Theatre in Beijing, Xiang-Yu Theatre in Henan, Poly Theatre in Beijing, Peoples Art Theatre in Beijing, No. 2 High School in Beijing, and a number of Historical Sites in China.

In the United States, as a Freelance Cultural advisor to Walt Disney Imagineering since September 2013, she has brought perspective reviews and design ideas for the performing projects with Disney Shanghai Projects. Xi Chen is also one of the 16 candidates, who are working for the 2014 Walt Disney Imagineering CalArts Educational Initiative project since March 2014.

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